Kitimat Toque Pattern

Hello my dears! Today is the day! I was hoping to have shared this pattern yesterday but my test knits weren't quite finished. This is my first (blog) published knit pattern ever, and I'm hoping it receives the same enthusiastic response as last week's Little Stars crochet pattern/tutorial.

This toque was inspired by the climate of British Columbia's north coast, a region that experiences long winters and receives a great deal of rain each year. The original colours used were white and grey, to represent the chilly weather, but I thought it would be fun (while test knitting) to swap the grey for some more cheerful colours. Don't they look lovely!

"Kitimat" toques, in size small, large, extra large.
Knit in the round and employing simple stranding colourwork, Kitimat includes instructions for FOUR sizes, to fit most heads in any family. Small will likely be too big for infants, but if you roll up the brim it may work! Otherwise, small is for toddlers. Medium should fit most children, or teens with small heads. Large will fit an average adult head. And extra large will fit well on.... well, extra large noggins (like mine)!

To view, download or print the pattern please click HERE!

EDIT: I've gotten messages from a couple people stating that they were unable to view the PDF. I have added the pattern here, please see below for written instructions.
Patons Classic Wool Worsted, 1 skein each of colours 202 Aran (A) / 224 Grey Mix (B)
4mm and 4.5mm circulars (40cm) or DPNs
Stitch marker, tapestry needle

Small (Medium, Large, Extra Large)

20 stitches = 10cm/4 inches, on 4.5mm needles

K knit  \  P purl  \  st(s) stitch(es)  \  M1 make one (with L needle, lift bar between sts from the front and knit through back loop)  \  k2tog  knit two together  \  [  ]  repeat to the end of round

Special notes
The largest size requires no more than half a skein of each colour so full skeins aren’t necessary, but do take care to ensure you have enough if using scrap yarn! If using Patons Classic, you should be able to make two XL hats and have a bit of each colour left over. For the stranded body of the hat, the instructions indicate how many stitches to knit in a given colour. Example: [K1B, K3A]. This means knit one in colour B, knit 3 in colour A, and repeat to the end of the round.

With 4mm needle and colour A, cast on 72 (80, 88, 96) stitches using the long tail method. Join to work in the round, placing stitch marker at the start of the round. Knit 9 (10, 11, 12) rounds of 1x1 ribbing. Switch to 4.5mm needle.

Increase round
: Knit  9 (10, 11, 12), M1. Repeat to the end of the round. 80 (88, 96, 104) stitches on the needle.
Work 3 (4, 5, 5) rounds of stockinette stitch, then follow the steps below to complete the stranded portion of the hat.

1.  [K1B, K3A]
2.  Knit 4 rounds in A
3.  K2A [K1B, K3A] K1A
4.  Knit 3 rounds in A
5.  [K1B, K3A]
6.  Knit 2 rounds in A
7.  K2A [K1B, K3A] K1A
8.  Knit 1 round in A
9.  [K1B, K3A]
10.  Slip 1 purlwise, K1B, K1A [K3B, K1A] K1B
11.  Knit 1 round in B
12.  [K1A, K3B]
13.  Knit 2 rounds in B
14.  K2B, K1A [K3B, K1A] K1B
15.  Knit 3 rounds in B
16.  [K1A, K3B]
17.  Knit 4 rounds in B
18.  K2B, K1A [K3B, K1A] K1B

Cut the yarn for colour A only, leaving a tail to weave in.
You’ll now be working strictly with colour B.

Small (Medium, Large, Extra Large) = begin decreases with
step 4 (3, 2, 1)

Knit one round then:
1.  [K11, k2tog]  (96)
2.  [K10, k2tog]  (88)
3.  [K9, k2tog]  (80)
4.  [K8, k2tog]  (72)
5.  [K7, k2tog]  (64)
6.  [K6, k2tog]  (56)
7.  [K5, k2tog]  (48)
8.  [K4, k2tog]  (40)
9.  [K3, k2tog]  (32)
10.  [K2, k2tog]  (24)
11.  [K1, k2tog]  (16)

Cut yarn, leaving a tail, and draw it through the remaining stitches. Pull the tail gently to close up the top of your hat. Weave in all ends. If desired, block to relax the fabric and smooth out any ripples.
The pompom is optional, but it does add a nice touch! Make one in any size you wish, fluff it up, trim any stray/long bits, and use the tails from tying it together to attach to the finished hat with a simple knot. Weave in the tails and wear!

I'd love to see your finished hat, please share a photo or two with me if you make one for yourself!