Friday Finds: Fandom Knit Pattern

Hello dears, happy Friday!

I'm very excited because I've been waiting to share this week's Friday Find, and the day is finally here! Now, seeing as I've somehow** wound up with a magical theme this week, this particular find is quite fitting. It's a lovely Harry Potter fandom knit and, though it's not a new pattern (online since December 2011), it is new to me. I was visiting Ravelry on Tuesday, found it, had a fantastic fangirl/geek out moment, and added it to my queue straight away. Dear figs, I give you... The Ron Weasley Blanket.

Lovingly researched and recreated by pattern author Jackie Wierzbicki, this is an amazing patchwork quilt type of knit, constructed with beautifully coloured squares of garter stitch. Jackie used screen captures from the movies Prisoner of Azkaban, Goblet of Fire, and Order of the Phoenix, as well as pictures taken of the blanket on display in Harry Potter: The Exhibition to construct this pattern. 

I am so thrilled that someone took the time to prepare this pattern, and I can't wait to cast on my first square. This is something that will take a long time (for me) to knit, because I want to get the colours as close as possible to what's seen in the movies. This may mean it'll take as long as a year, maybe more, but I won't be deterred. I hope you won't either! ♥

**It was totally intentional.