OH NO / November Days

Hello all! I wrote up this post about a month ago and (thought I) uploaded it from my phone, but apparently it only saved as a draft. So, I'll share it now before I start posting Christmas-y updates!

I cannot believe it's the middle of November already. The days have grown much colder, and the snow line is creeping ever closer down the mountains. 

I have been very busy indeed. Between my day job, christmas knitting, and the usual family/friend togetherness, I hardly have the time to do much of anything! 

I'm still slowly plugging away at my own designs and though I won't reach my goal of releasing three more patterns before year's end, I do hope to get them out as soon as possible because I've got a whooooole load of ideas for a couple series of patterns. If my first paid patterns go over well, I will maybe put each series into an e-book!

Here's a peek at what I've been up to! 

There's so much more I'd like to share but don't want to give away any gifts before they're given! I hope you're all enjoying the beauty of the season and staying toasty warm. Come by again soon for more crafty updates! xo

Come back for tea again later this week and I'll fill you in on everything from Christmas baking, to (some) WIPs and FOs, and more.