Lazy Little Fig

I admit it. I am a naughty, lazy, little fig. I had a wonderful, whirlwind 10 day holiday with my mom and brother out in Halifax, and have been (mostly) resting since! Our holiday was not long enough but, of course, they never are. I'll prepare some photos for my next post!

We had our first snow on October 25. I was hoping it would wait until after Halloween, but in this neck of the woods that doesn't often happen. Two days later, we had an earthquake! It was a 7.7 magnitude quake that lasted for about one minute, and had our house swaying like a tree in a wind storm. It was my first quake experience, and one that I don't hope to experience again anytime soon. Scary!

The same night (Oct 27), I had offered to help out friends by working the door at their Halloween rock show. I dressed up as an Ewok (a handmade costume of course), had a great time, got to see some fantastic costumes, and saw some old friends from high school as well. It was good fun!

Unfortunately I had a little TOO much fun that night, and woke up very 'under the weather' on Sunday. Then, miraculously, my hangover faded away and left in its wake.... a lovely cold, complete with sinus infection! Woohoo! So, I've been mostly confined to bed/couch for the past week and am taking my sorry sinuses to the doctor tomorrow.

As lazy as this past week has been, I have managed some productivity and began compiling ideas for new knitting designs based on some of the wonderful things and places I saw on the east coast! I also whipped up some more knitted coffee cup sleeves. I really enjoy those quick, small projects... and the near-instant gratification of them! :) I think they'll make great little gifts this year for local family and friends, especially with Tim Horton's opening here next month.

This week I hope to get some (knit) designs down on paper, and maybe even start writing out the patterns for a couple hats I designed earlier this year. Hoping to be well again soon so I can get back to a normal routine. Cross your fingers for me!