Weekend Awesomes

Decided to stay in tonight, and figured I'd squeeze in some blog love before Saturday Night Live comes on!

Yesterday I had a great girls' day out with my step-mom and step-sister. We had a fantastic lunch, followed by stops at a few different shops we all like. I saw lots of awesome clothes but refrained from buying any, saving my moola for some more craft supplies, and the local bookstore. I picked up two books, including the one pictured below. It is filled with lots of fun subjects and blank lines to create your own super rad, creative lists. Plus the illustrations inside are adorable.

After dinner, I spent the evening with my friend Dré. She just got a dress form for sewing projects so I took her measurements and we adjusted it to match her size. It was pretty cool, I'd never seen or handled one before. We also watched a really weird French movie, had boozy hot chocolate (in cool pug mugs), and did some knitting. It was a good Friday :)

Today I decided to get my sewing stuff sorted. I've been slowly collecting a great deal of fabric, and decided it was time to wash and press all of it. It's mostly quilting cotton (a lot of it in pretty, cottage-y prints!) but I've got some other goodies already prepped for use as well. Over the next few weeks I plan on getting to know my sewing machine some more.

Hoping to get some basic projects underway tomorrow, and maybe even play around with some cross stitch. Excited!